October 4, 2022

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Emotional experiences of escorts

It is normal to assume that sex workers do not have any kind of emotional validity due to the kind of work they do for a living. But it is true that they are human beings and they also have feelings, so it is normal that even having this kind of job they have feelings and real day to day problems.


Some escorts experience all kinds of emotions

Some escorts choose to do this type of work only for the pay, or some because they are mature enough not to be affected emotionally. Others have traumas, economic problems and others do it because they really love sex. They all come for a very different reason, and they all have a different emotional response to everything they experience on a daily basis at work. It is normal for them to have emotions even when they are having sex with their clients.


They may feel feelings ranging from anxiety, stress, satisfaction or embarrassment. This is not expressed directly to the client, most of the time they hide them and are professional to avoid unpleasantness. They usually tend to feel arousal or desire when they have sex, and other times not so much, this will depend on the person they are with and how they have been treated previously.

The actions carried out by London escorts with their clients can sometimes be somewhat overwhelming for the girls from the emotional point of view, so it is always recommended to treat them well as human beings and even if they fulfill their fetishes, understand that they are not objects even though they are providing that service.

Bad treatment and payments often lead some escorts with bad agencies to consume harmful substances such as drugs or alcohol, as they feel very bad about the kind of life they lead.

What can escorts do to be emotionally healthy?

The best thing for this type of people is to see a specialist who can help them psychologically. Being an escort is not a bad thing, the bad thing is the clients and the treatment they are given by some of the agencies they work for.

The therapy sessions can easily go hand in hand with the girl’s work without suggesting that she leaves it, since after all it is her job and there is nothing wrong with it as long as they do it voluntarily and it does not prevent her life from being affected.

In case the escort still wants to maintain this kind of life, she should solve her emotional problems and get peace in her lifestyle. After all, she is a person who has feelings and also questions her life choices and whether they are the best option in the long run.

No job is unworthy, all jobs deserve the same respect and honor as being an London escort is not easy. From dealing with bad clients, to bad pay, to bad experiences, to bad times in your emotional life and having to look good all the time. So these girls should never be judged for what they do and the empathy of the public should be fundamental for the development of their work.